Big Baller Brand Relaunches Without Lonzo or LaMelo

As promised, Big Baller Brand is back. The Triple B’s announced on Wednesday, February 19 that the brand was relaunching and the announcement came along with a brand new online store.

The company issued a statement to announce the relaunch.

“Over the past year, my team and I have been working diligently to expand Big Baller Brand and improve the overall customer experience,” said LaVar Ball, CEO of Big Baller Brand. “We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new website.”

However, there is one very interesting note.

The family’s two biggest stars — former No. 2 overall pick Lonzo and potential No. 1 overall pick LaMelo — were not featured on the homepage of the new company site. In fact, there is no LaMelo Ball gear and only a few pairs of Lonzo’s old ZO2 sneaker. Lonzo’s signature line has been removed altogether.

The store features the ZO2.19s for $170 and the G3s, middle brother LiAngelo’s signature sneaker, at $185.

Menswear also includes $50 and $60, hoodies at $60 and $70 and shorts at $40.

Prior to the brand’s relaunch, LaMelo dropped an interesting note on social media that read “I’m my own man.” LaMelo has been heavily pressured by his father — as has Lonzo — on the Facebook Watch show Ball in the Family. LaMelo had been reluctant to commit to the brand moving forward and allegedly has received an offer from Nike.

Lonzo’s reluctance to rejoin the brand has also been featured on the show, with plenty of tense moments between Lonzo and his father being documented. Lonzo also previously covered up his Big Baller Brand tattoo and previously sent a similar message to LaMelo’s which read “MyOwnMan.”

Will LaMelo and Lonzo eventually return to Big Baller Brand? That remains to be seen. But with lucrative deals pouring in for LaMelo — who is allegedly being pursued by Nike — and Lonzo’s souring relationship with his father could be signs that it’s only LaVar and Gelo moving forward.

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