Colin Kaepernick’s Memoir Will Be Through His New Publishing Company

Even though Colin Kaepernick is not playing football, that doesn’t mean he is jobless. The polarizing quarterback plans on releasing a memoir before the year is complete. The memoir will reveal the stories that shaped his character. His decision to sacrifice the comfort of his career by kneeling during the national anthem did not come out of thin air. “I want to tell the story of my evolution, and the events that led me to protest systemic oppression, in hopes that it will inspire others to rise in action,” Kaepernick said in a statement Thursday. The memoir will be released as a hard copy as well as an audio version through Audible.

Colin Kaepernick’s latest ventures not only includes this new memoir but also his own publishing company called Kaepernick Publishing. The memoir is slated to be will be the first release out of Kaepernick Publishing. The memoir is one of many things Kaepernick does while he waits for any NFL team to give him another chance at playing again. He donated a million dollars to several organizations that are involved in the fight to end social justice issues to education issues. He has also traveled the country doing speaking engagements and promoting his Know Your Rights Camp which aims to educate black and brown Americans on higher education and self-empowerment.

In November, it seemed as if progress had been made between Kaepernick and the NFL when he was scheduled to work out for several NFL teams. A tryout was set up for him at the Atlanta Falcons practice facility. Due to a lack of trust on both sides, Kaepernick and his legal team could not come to an agreement with the NFL about the waiver presented to them to sign. The wording of it raised many red flags for Kaepernick. The day of the workout Kaepernick decided to hold his own tryout at a local high school in Georgia, roughly 60 miles from the Falcons facility. Only seven NFL teams were represented at the workout but his representatives sent a video of the workout to the other 25 teams that did not attend. His tryout was unable to secure him a spot on a roster.


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