Nate Diaz Exploring Legal Action Against Miami Herald For False Domestic Violence Story

UFC star Nate Diaz is reportedly exploring legal action against the Miami Herald after the paper posted a story falsely accusing Diaz of domestic violence in an incident that also involved an attack on police officers. The report was first published on Wednesday, February 12 before being taken down.

The Miami Herald then issued an apology claiming they wrongly identified Diaz in the story.

A mixed martial artist was involved in the incident, however, it was 31-year-old Miami native Michael Albert Nates.

“In an initial version of this story, the Miami Herald incorrectly reported that mixed martial arts superstar Nate Diaz had been arrested in a domestic-violence case. The Herald apologizes for the error,” the Miami Herald wrote on Twitter.

After learning of the report, Diaz’s representative Zach Rosenfield released a statement on the matter. While Diaz was in Miami for the Super Bowl, he had returned home to Stockton, California after the event. Therefore, Diaz was not in Miami at the time of the alleged attack.

Because of the mixup and damage it could have caused to Diaz’s name, his team is considering legal action.

“This story is absolutely not accurate. Nate has been home from the Super Bowl for over a week. This is not him. This is story is completely wrong,” Rosenfield said in the statement. “Nate has been in Stockton since the Tuesday after the Super Bowl and at no point did he have any interactions with Miami law enforcement. Zero issues whatsoever. And he has never been attached to anything close to domestic violence in his life.

“The story printed by the Miami Herald is 100% false, inaccurate, baseless, irresponsible and utter nonsense. Miami Herald has since pulled down the story. We demand an apology and have already have begun exploring legal action.”

Diaz has yet to comment on the matter, but with the news that his team is considering legal action it would make sense that he remains silent until further actions are taken.

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