The Hummer EV Finds An Old Teammate In Lebron James

The Hummer is back. It was officially announced by GMC on January 30th. GMC is planning to christen its newest electronic pickup with an ad on Super Bowl Sunday. What better way to sell the return of one of the most popular trucks in recent memory than having arguably, the most popular athlete in sports to endorse it. Lebron James is reported to be apart of the super bowl ad spot for the Hummer EV.

Hummer is not returning under its own brand but instead, the newest version of the Hummer will be an addition to GMC’s lineup. The Hummer EV will attempt to be competition for the Tesla Cybertruck, boasting similar performance statistics to the truck created by Elon Musk. The Hummer EV plans to go 0-to-60 mph in 3 seconds and have 1000 horsepower. Those are the only stats that have been released at the moment. The truck is reported to go on sale More details about the new truck will be revealed between January of 2020 and the end of 2021, when the truck is reported to be released.

Lebron James being involved with Hummer shouldn’t be a surprise if you are aware of his history with the brand. In 2003, James was a phenom his senior year at St Vincent St Mary high school in Akron, Ohio. For his 18th birthday, he was gifted a Hummer H2 from his mother, Gloria James. The OSHAA states that gifts should not be valued at greater than $100 so news of the car caused his eligibility to be in question and a stir of controversy with many speculating that Lebron accepted an improper gift. Gloria James insisted she had taken out a loan to gift her son with the Hummer.

Now Lebron is free of all eligibility questions and is gifting Hummer with an appearance in their new spot.

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