Dave Chappelle Campaigns for Presidential Candidate Andrew Yang in Iowa

Comedian Dave Chappelle is hitting the campaign trail for 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang, a fan-favorite on social media. While Yang is a big underdog in the Iowa caucus, he has one of the world’s most famous comedians stumping for him in the crucial early-voting state.

Yang’s “freedom dividend” has been his major campaign promise. The businessman says that if he is elected that he will grant each American adult $1,000 a month in a universal basic income.

With the Iowa caucus just days away Chappelle made the trip to Ames, Iowa this week to stump for Yang. Chappelle did not hide the fact that the “Freedom Dividend” — which has brought Universal Basic Income (UBI) into the national conversation — is a big reason he believes Yang would benefit potential caucusgoers in Iowa.

“Dayton, Ohio has a third of the people there living below the poverty line. If you were to take a poll in Dayton and say what would you rather have: $12,000 a year or health insurance? Everyone’s taking the money. Health insurance is great but groceries are necessary too, and people in Dayton are having a hard time getting the things they need. I started imagining what a universal basic income would do for my community, and it would save it almost instantly,” Chappelle said, via the New York Post.


“I like the idea of giving people choices, putting the money in their hands and giving them the choices.”

After campaigning for Yang in Iowa, the comedian is set to join him on the road in South Carolina — another key early-voting state.

Currently, Yang sits in sixth-place in Iowa with just 3.3 percent of support among potential caucusgoers, according to the Real Clear Politics Average. In South Carolina, Yang is in seventh-place with just 2.7 percent support. He has work to do but will hope Chappelle can be a big help.

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