Thomas Grafton Identified as Suspect in Stabbing Spree Against Orthodox Jews

Thomas Grafton, 37, has been identified as the suspect in the latest anti-Semitic attack to take place in recent months. According to reports, Grafton is the suspect who went on a stabbing spree in Rockland County, New York, leaving five Orthodox Jews wounded during a Hannukah celebration at a rabbi’s home.

All of the victims were taken to the hospital in critical condition, according to authorities.

Grafton fled the scene in a vehicle and drove across the George Washington Bridge before eventually being captured, according to ABC7-New York.

The 37-year-old was arrested in Harlem nearly two hours after the attack.

Grafton will now be facing five counts of attempted murder and one count of burglary. The first look at Grafton was captured by CBS New York.

“We are in a crisis. This is an emergency situation and the leaders of the state of New York need to declare that in the state of New York anti-Semitism is out of control and what people want to know, is what is the plan, what is going to be done to address this,” former New York state assemblyman Dov Hikind said.

On Sunday morning, Governor Andrew Cuomo described the attack as an “act of domestic terrorism.”

“This is an intolerant time in our country,” Cuomo told reporters. “We see anger, we see hatred exploding. It is an American cancer on the body politic.”

Cuomo has since directed the New York State Police Hate Crimes Taskforce to immediately investigate the incident.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu also condemned the attack.

“Israel strongly condemns the recent displays of antisemitism including the vicious attack at the home of a rabbi in Monsey, New York, during Chanukah,” Netanyahu said in a brief statement.

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