Blueface ‘Makes it Rain’ on Homeless People on Skid Row; Gets Dragged on Twitter

Rapper Blueface felt like giving during the holiday season, so he made a trip to Los Angeles’ Skid Row to give away money to the homeless. Blueface shared a video of himself on social media that shows the rapper climbing on top of the roof of a car with $50,000 worth of cash.

Once on top of his vehicle, Blueface began to “make it rain” on the homeless people surrounding him as they scrambled for the cash that was landing on the street.

Check it out:

Despite the positive intentions Blueface had by giving away money to the less fortunate, a number of people on Twitter believed he went about it the wrong way and that his actions were humiliating and distasteful to the homeless people.

“Wow! This is utterly ridiculous. Not only did Blueface almost incite a riot, but he turned what should have been an act of benevolence into a moment for him to ‘flex,'” wrote TV personality Elgin Charles on Twitter. “There are far more respectful/civilized ways to help the less fortunate.”

There was also social media commentator @yesJulz who wrote, “These are homeless people. They aren’t in a club dancing for money. They are starving, sick, tired. Making them scramble for dollar bills when you could simply hand them the money seems a bit distasteful and a lot like a publicity stunt to me.”

Another Twitter user added: “Blueface, your heart may have been in the right place and maybe your privilege created blindspots for you, but you cannot help people by humiliating them. The little cash they scraped from the ground isn’t enough to help. There were more effective ways to help.”

Of course, Blueface did have his supporters like none other than DJ Akademiks.

Did Blueface cross a line? Sound off in the comments section below with your thoughts.

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