Lonzo Ball Gifts Pelicans Teammates Personalized Xboxes for Christmas

Lonzo Ball is in the giving mood. In his first season with the New Orleans Pelicans, the former Los Angeles Lakers No. 2 overall pick decided to give every one of his teammates a gift just in time for the holiday.

In a series of photos and videos shared on social media, the third-year guard can be seen gifting each of his teammates a customized Xbox One.

The video game consoles were placed at every locker with each Xbox in a customized case that featured the players’ jersey number.

In one video, rookie Zion Williamson can be seen discovering his Xbox before wondering who left the gift. Initially he joked that Ball was not the one responsible and thanked guard Jrue Holiday for the console before walking across the locker room to show his gratitude. Ball went in for a handshake, but Williamson finished off with an embrace.

That’s how you build some team chemistry.


The New Orleans Pelicans also shared additional photos of players being surprised by the gift.


And it gets even better.

Lonzo Ball also visited Bridge School earlier in the week to enjoy a meal with the students before giving them all their own Xbox. Ball must really be looking to add numbers to his online squad.

“Lonzo Ball visited students at the Bridge School today! Lonzo shared a meal with the students and then surprised them with a gift to encourage them to continue to push towards their goals,” the New Orleans Pelicans wrote in a tweet.

Well done, Lonzo.

This is the kind of holiday content we like to see.

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