Marc Goddard Responds to Colby Covington’s Criticism

Colby Covington suffered a broken jaw in his fifth-round TKO loss to welterweight champion Kamaru Usman in the main event of UFC 245. Covington immediately ran out of the cage following his loss and did not speak to Joe Rogan in the cage, but that didn’t stop him from sounding off on his loss on social media.

While a broken jaw may humble some, Covington was irate and directed much of his anger and criticism at referee Marc Goddard, who was the third man in the cage for the main event bout.

Covington was unhappy with the stoppage and blasted Goddard as soon as he got his phone back.

“Normally people do their f*cking in the bedroom, not the octagon [Marc Goddard],” Covington wrote on Twitter. “I go in there to kill or be killed. You robbed me of that. You robbed the people of a fair fight. You should be ashamed of yourself. Fake nut shot. Fake eye poke. Fake stoppage. Fake ref.”

He later added on Instagram: “Marc Godard robbed me tonight with piss poor officiating. He let my opponent fake injuries for extra time and stopped the fight early. Just like America, my will and spirit can never be broken. Speed bumps can’t slow me down. You people ain’t seen nothing yet.”

Well, Goddard responded to the comments and chose to take the high road.

“Raw emotion & the highest of stakes, fighting is like nothing else on earth. I respect each & every person I stand between & I will give you all I’ve got. I am a human being. Thank you to all who understand what I have put into this game, that will never stop. God bless,” Goddard wrote on Twitter.

Covington is currently facing a six-month medical suspension by the Nevada State Athletic Commission following his loss. The commission stated Covington is “suspended 180 days or until nondisplaced midline mandibular fracture is cleared by oral and maxillofacial surgeon; also suspended 60 days with no contact for 45 days.”

We will have to see if he has any trash talk coming from his Twitter fingers while waiting to return to action.

UFC 245 Medical Suspensions: Usman, Covington Could Miss 6 Months
UFC 245 Medical Suspensions: Usman, Covington Could Miss 6 Months
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