Meghan McCain Compared Herself To Daenerys Targaryen & Got Roasted

Meghan McCain found herself in a highly-publicized public feud with fellow The View co-host Whoopi Goldberg after a tense exchange earlier in the week. The panel was discussing impeachment — which has been divisive with less than 50 percent of Americans believing Donald Trump should be impeached — when Goldberg snapped at McCain.

Goldberg started the spat by saying, “Girl, please stop talking!”

McCain was not happy with the comment, so she responded with “No problem. I won’t talk for the rest of the show.” Goldberg, however, needed to have the last word and clapped back with “I’m okay with that if you are going to behave like this.”

McCain attempted to follow-up the viral exchange with a clever post on social media where she compared herself to Daenerys and it did not go over well.

“Good morning – to all the fellow conservative ‘girls’ who won’t be quiet,” McCain wrote.

Because this is the internet, the response was ruthless and McCain was roasted by her critics on social media immediately after posting the meme of Daenarys and Drogon.

“Daenerys ascended to power and coasted on her father’s ‘legacy’ as well, so this is appropriate,” wrote one Twitter user. “But in the end, it was her ignorance and unwillingness to LISTEN to anyone else that ruined her. Happy Tuesday!”

Another added: “ayyy chief, i know what you are trying to say with this tweet – but Daenerys was against oppressive tyrants and about freeing the slaved and lowbottom folks. She would probably overthrow most of our government officials at their lack of empathy and assistance for the lowly.”

And there was also this savage response: “I mean, Meghan McCain isn’t Daenerys. Daenerys turned out evil, but she was also loved. Meghan’s more of a Joffrey Baratheon – someone who only matters because of their last name and is universally disliked.”

It was a solid attempt, Meghan, but the internet is ruthless.

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6ix9ine Story Coming to Spotify in January 2020
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