Baby Boomers Are More Sensitive Than Millennials, Per Study

Baby Boomers aren’t going to like this one. While Boomers are busy blaming Millenials for the crumbling of different industries and traditions in the United States, there are also plenty of taunts thrown at younger generations for being snowflakes and easily “triggered.”

Well, a study conducted by William Chopik, associate professor of psychology at Michigan State University, shows that Millenials actually may have thicker skin.

Per the study’s findings, Baby Boomers are more sensitive and narcissistic than Millenials.

“There’s a narrative in our culture that generations are getting more and more narcissistic, but no one has ever looked at it throughout generations or how it varies with age at the same time,” Choprik told Science Daily.

“One of the most surprising findings was that — also contrary to what many people think — individuals who were born earlier in the century started off with higher levels of hyper-sensitivity, or the type of narcissism where people are full of themselves, as well as willfulness, which is the tendency to impose opinions on others.”

Isn’t that interesting.

Of course, narcissism traits do tend to decline throughout the years but they can always resurface.

“There are things that happen in life that can shake people a little bit and force them to adapt their narcissistic qualities,” Chopik added. “As you age, you form new relationships, have new experiences, start a family and so on. All of these factors make someone realize that it’s not ‘all about them.’ And, the older you get, the more you think about the world that you may leave behind.”

So when you’re having conversations around the dinner table over Christmas break and begin hearing about how the younger generation wants everything given to them and doesn’t have the same work ethic of generations past, just know that it may be the person’s narcissism that is shining through and smile with an “Okay, Boomer.”

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