The Best and Worst Cities for Ridesharing This Holiday Season

It’s no secret that the Holiday season isn’t the most affordable time of year. Between purchasing gifts, buying the perfect dress for that Christmas cocktail in a couple of weeks, and traveling out of state to see loved ones, your spending can add up quickly.

And the last thing you need this time of year is to shell out hundreds of dollars on transportation in situations where you might not have access to your own car… like, say, if you have plans to go out of state to visit family or to fly to Hawaii for a holiday getaway. Regardless of what circumstances pull you away from your home (and car) this December, ridesharing isn’t always the most economical way to meet your transportation needs– especially in some cities.

But thanks to a new study on the most and least expensive cities for rideshare, you don’t have to wonder whether ridesharing will break the bank. 

Read on to learn the cities where Ubering or Lyfting is a safe bet (financially speaking) and those that might make it worth looking into alternative forms of transportation, like a bus or train. 

Most Expensive Rideshare Cites

  1. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma ($9.91)
  2. Jacksonville, Florida ($10.08)
  3. Raleigh, North Carolina ($10.61)
  4. Phoenix, Arizona ($10.65)
  5. Orlando, Florida ($10.71)

Most affordable Rideshare Cities 

  1. New York, New York ($18.73 per ride)
  2. Seattle, Washington ($16.54 per ride)
  3. St. Louis, Missouri ($15.41 per ride)
  4. San Jose, California ($15.23 per ride)
  5. Boston, Massachusetts ($14.70 per ride)

Now that you have the scoop on which cities offer the most wallet-friendly ridesharing, why not spread the word? Tell your friend who’s spending the holidays in Oklahoma City to Uber their heart out. And more importantly, let your pals who are visiting cities like New York and Seattle know that they should look into other transportation options.

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