Troy Aikman Trashes Cowboys: ‘I Don’t Know How You Come Back From This’

The Dallas Cowboys struggles are continuing after Thursday night’s brutal loss to the Chicago Bears. During the team’s outing, Cowboys legend Troy Aikman sounded off on the team and sounded the alarm.

Aikman said the Cowboys wills truggle to recover from their loss to the lowly Bears and declared their season “over.”

“Yeah, I don’t know how you come back from this, I really don’t, Joe. For the last two weeks we’ve heard from them that they were going to get it going. They had a chance at home against the Buffalo Bills to finally beat a team with a winning record, that didn’t happen, they got embarrassed in that game, they come here against a team that had a lot to prove but was struggling in a lot of areas and it was the same old story,” Aikman said.

“So yes, even though we knew before this game kicked off that it didn’t matter if the lost, they were still going to be in contention, I don’t know how you sell that if you’re Jason Garrett or Jerry Jones or anyone. When you have a performance like that, to say, ‘Hey, but we’re still alive, we’ll go play this week against the Rams and it’s all right out in front of us.’ I don’t think the players hear that. I wouldn’t hear it if I were them, and this is on the players as much as it is on the coaches. They’ve got to be better, but I’m not sure I’d even talk to the team this week. I’d just say, ‘Let’s go play next week and you guys figure it out.’ The talk is over, and it has been over for a while.”

Up next for the Cowboys is a meeting with the Los Angeles Rams on Sunday, December 15.

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