WATCH: MMA Legend Chuck Liddell Makes Stand-up Comedy Debut

Chuck Liddell has had a successful career. The mixed martial artist was one of the first MMA stars to break into the mainstream, while also earning his place as one of the first members of the Ultimate Fighting Championship Hall of Fame.

Now, Liddell is testing his talents in another way.

In a recent episode of Lights Out with David Spade on Comedy Central, Liddell appeared with Spade and fellow comedian Whitney Cummings.

During that episode, Liddell performed his first-ever stand-up comedy set and it was a great success.

“Hey, what’s up, everybody? It’s me, white Pitbull. No, my name is Chuck Liddell. If you don’t know my name and don’t know who I am, heckle me and you’ll find out. I hope my stand-up comedy goes better than my Jeopardy try out. Boy, stand-up comedy is tough,” Liddell joked.

“You have to be able to complete a sentence. Hey, real quick, has anyone seen my neck? I had it in the car. I have this thing called R.M.S., Resting Murderer Face. I’m like an intelligent Rob Gronkowski. I don’t understand my own jokes, but I hope you do. My wife is tough, she’s like a female Rhonda Rousey. I’ve got to go. I have protein powder and it’s not going to snort itself. Thank you, everybody. Good night.”

“This marks the sixth “Build A Comic” segment on Lights Out having previously featured Heather Dubrow (The Real Housewives of Orange County), SEAL Team Six’s Robert O’Neill, NBA player Nick Young, Vanderpump Rules star Stassi Schroeder and Spade’s driver Matt Stonerock,” the press release reads.

Well done, Chuck.

There may be a future here.

About Lights Out with David Spade: Comedy Central’s Lights Out with David Spade is hosted by iconic comedian David Spade and follows The Daily Show with Trevor Noah Monday through Thursday each week. The late night series, which debuted on July 29, 2019, features Spade’s signature take on the pop culture news of the day and includes a rotating group of his comedian and celebrity friends, while also incorporating sketches and field segments.

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