WATCH: Gucci Mane Performs Trap Version of University of Texas Fight Song

Gucci Mane stopped by The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon on Thursday, November 7. The special broadcast was taped at Bass Concert Hall at the University of Texas. Gucci Mane shared some thoughts about the college experience to those in attendance.

“I feel like I’m Uncle Gucci to these beautiful young students,” Gucci said. “To all these beautiful students out here, I wanna just tell y’all to be mindful of the company you keep and surround yourself with positive people and keep people around you that’s gonna support and encourage you.”

Then, Guwop had a special surprise for those in attendance.

Gucci Mane performed two songs throughout the night, including “Move Me” from Woptober II, but the real showstopper came when he performed a trap version of the University of Texas fight song “The Eyes of Texas” with accompaniment from The Roots.

Here is Gucci Mane’s version of the UT-Austin fight song.

After hearing that, students at the University of Texas should immediately start a petition to use Gucci Mane’s trap version of “The Eyes of Texas” moving forward.

You can check out the actual University of Texas-Austin fight song below.

‘The Eyes of Texas’ Audio & Lyrics

The Eyes of Texas are upon you,
All the livelong day.
The Eyes of Texas are upon you,
You cannot get away.
Do not think you can escape them
At night or early in the morn —
The Eyes of Texas are upon you
Til Gabriel blows his horn.

“The Eyes of Texas” was written by former university musician Lewis Johnson. It is the official alma mater of the University of Texas and was inspired by UT President William Prather who would end his speeches with “the eyes of Texas are upon you.” The song is sung before and after all Texas athletics events and during official university functions.

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