Lamar Jackson Net Worth 2022: How Much Is Lamar Worth?

There is no denying Lamar Jackson’s gifts on the football field, He is an exciting young Quarterback for the Baltimore Ravens. With an impressive combination of rushing and passing potential, Jackson is a name to watch in the NFL as his career progresses. Displaying the poise in the pocket and ability to make plays from nothing like a savvy vet in only his second season shows that with Jackson’s abilities, the sky is the limit.

Lamar Jackson Net Worth As of 2019: $9 Million


The Louisville product was a clear standout prospect in his final two years of college with 57 passing touchdowns and 39 rushing touchdowns while only throwing 19 interceptions. Jackson showed the special ability to run and throw the ball well enough to keep defenses guessing at all times. This elite skillset forced the Ravens to trade up to get him with the 32nd pick in the first round of the 2018 draft instead of waiting to draft him with their second-round pick.


Jackson’s playing time once drafted became infrequent. With former Ravens Superbowl MVP Joe Flacco still on the roster, the Quarterback position was stable for the moment although fans wanted to see what Jackson was capable of. The cries for consistent Lamar Jackson playing time were answered when Flacco went down with a hip injury in week 9 against the Pittsburgh Steelers. With this opportunity, Jackson impressed with his arsenal of skills in running and passing the ball. Jackson even set the Ravens franchise record for yards rushed by a quarterback in a single game with 117 yards. This was just the beginning of what became a promising rookie season from the new Raven’s signal-caller. As the season progressed so did Jackson, with teams unable to figure out his tendencies they were left guessing how to best contain Jackson on any given drive. After his week 9 takeover, Jackson led his Ravens to a 6-1 record which got the team into the playoff’s wild-card round.


Fast-forward to this season, and Jackson’s ascent into the elite quarterback discussion has been solidified. During pre-season there were doubts about the 2nd-year quarterback’s ability to improve coming off a stellar rookie year. Scouts predicted that Jackson’s rookie year wouldn’t be the norm. Since teams now have a year worth of game tape to plan for Jackson’s playstyle, scouts saw Jackson’s rookie year as a misleading positive signal as opposed to a serious threat. But Jackson has maintained his ability to impact any game with his dynamic decision making and rushing ability. Improving on his average yards per rush, passer rating and passing percentage from the 2018 season to this 2019 season. Jackson was able to turn his transcendent style of play into dominant football with the Ravens now having a 6-2 record on the season with some impressive wins over Seattle, Green Bay and New England. Jackson has been able to double his touchdowns this season and setting new NFL records for most rushing yards with over 200 passing yards in a game.

Jackson shows the same dynamic ability Michael Vick did in his prime. Still, on his rookie-scale contract, Jackson is under a very small contractual hold for the services he brings to the table. His salary for the rest of his rookie contract earns $9 million if Jackson hits his prorated bonuses, which is “probable”. However a rookie contract only lasts so long, Jackson will have to be rightly paid for what he contributes eventually. The Ravens should look to lock him up early, failing to do so could result in Jackson realizing that the cold Baltimore harbor is not where he wants to play his next five to eight years of football. This discussion brings to point Jackson’s net worth today and his expected change in net worth once that second contract is signed whenever that happens to be. Barring any unfortunate debilitating injuries, Jackson looks to sign a large rookie extension that could challenge for the highest-paid quarterback contract in the NFL. This all depends on the Ravens’ level of faith in their star quarterback, Jackson’s ability to improve and solidify said faith and the salary cap increasing over the next few seasons in the NFL.

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