LOOK: Celtics Coach Brad Stevens, Pete Buttigieg Dress as Each Other for Halloween

Since South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg burst onto the scene as a top Democratic presidential candidate, people have been pointing out similarities to Boston Celtics head coach Brad Stevens.

It’s not a comparison that most people would draw, but after Halloween, it is going to be hard not to see one when you look at the other.

Mayor Pete decided to have some fun on Halloween and took a photo in a Boston Celtics hat and black blazer. Her shared photos on social media captioned “Game On,” while another one showed the mayor giving a pep talk to some of his campaign staffers in New Hampshire.

Okay, we are starting to see the resemblance.

But then, Brad Stevens dressed up in Buttigieg’s traditional white button-up shirt and blue tie which his wife sent out on Twitter saying “Game on @PeteButtigieg.” After seeing Stevens dressed up as a presidential candidate, there’s no denying the two are doppelgangers.

This is the kind of Halloween fun we love to see.

As for Stevens in his day job, he currently sits at 2-2 on the season as the Celtics sit in fourth place in the Eastern Conference. Buttigieg, meanwhile, also sits at fourth place in a number of polls among potential Democratic voters behind Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, and Bernie Sanders.

They both have some work to do if they want to make it to the top, so we’ll have to see if they can do it together.

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