WATCH: Woah Vicky, Bhad Bhabie Brawl in Atlanta Recording Studio

Welp, this is a headline we didn’t see coming. Social media personalities (and rappers?) Woah Vicky and Bhad Bhabie are going viral on social media after video shows Woah Vicky pulling up on Bhad Bhabie and sparking a brawl inside of an Atlanta recording studio.

The two teenagers have been involved in plenty of back and forths on social media, but they finally confronted each other face-to-face and decided to throw hands.

Most recently, Bhad Bhabie had been chirping online about Woah Vicky, but when push came to shove it was Vicky who got the best of the exchange as others watched on. You can check out the video below.

Well, Bhad Bhabie, she caught you inside, how ’bout that?

For what it is worth, Bhad Bhabie is just 16 years old, while Woah Vicky is 19. Bhad Bhabie also claims that Woah Vicky never landed a punch while discussing the fight on her Instagram story.

“Why you don’t just pull up with no dudes … nobody holding nobody back lol have fun editing your videoπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚,” Bhad Bhabie wrote. “You live for the internet talking i anit [sic] doing nun of that yk where u b pull up like I did show me u bold my dudes anit [sic] gon hold shit back. Y’all see shorty holding my hair throwing and missing what are y’all tryna prove you see dude holding us back πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I told her pull up where I’m at with by herself and she won’t!”

Woah Vicky hasn’t issued a response yet, but she did seemingly share a video on Instagram from her point of view moments before the fight broke out.

So much for world peace. Maybe one day we can all get along.

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