Top 5 Best Terminator Movies From Worst To Best – Ranked

3. Terminator Salvation

Director: Joseph McGinty Nichol
Reales Date: May 21, 2009

Terminator Salvation is ambitious because it sends us to a time period that is only hinted at in the last movies, the future. John Connor played by a post Batman Begins Christian Bale is fighting with the resistance in order to fight Skynet. This is the future, and humanity is fighting for survival trying to keep hope alive, with that said the movie is average. The plot is confusing, with Skynet creating a hybrid human/ terminator who had his mind erased for the purpose of finding the resistance and leading them into a trap. The terminators have never been bigger, the action was scaled up to eleven, but it doesn’t really mean much. The biggest crime that the movie does, is that it never gave us a real reason to understand why Skynet fears John Connor. John Connor comes off as an extra in his own film. The best part of the film, however, is Christian Bale’s on set freak out. Do yourself a favor and go find the audio,