Urban Meyer Sounds Off on College Football Playoff Selection Process

Former Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer has some thoughts on the College Football Playoff and he was not afraid to share them during a recent appearance on FOX Sports. Meyer ranted about the selection process and shared his opinion on the “selective” process which he dubbed an imperfect system.

“The committee does a good job,” Meyer said. “It’s an imperfect system. Get that subjectivity out of it. There have to be mandates. For example, I think you should go on the road — you go home and home with an opponent … a top 25 team. You have to go do that and get rewarded for that. Some teams don’t do that. How is that fair for teams that make decisions and go? I think you have to play nine conference games. Some teams play eight and some nine. You get rewarded for who you beat. When I hear somebody say “look test” or “I think,” that’s not fair.”

Meyer also shared his thoughts on the “eye test” and why it can be dangerous for the players on the field.

“I know in my heart and plus over the headsets, they’re reminding me … I have the ones in there and we’re winning 45-0. I leave them in there because I don’t think the ‘eye test’ and ‘people think’ is going to be enough to bump TCU and Baylor. First of all, the players’ welfare and safety is at risk, so why do you keep them in there? I have to protect our school and our team to put up more points. And then, sportsmanship. I don’t agree with (running up the score), but did I do it? I did it. And that’s because I had a job to do: getting Ohio State into the playoff. Do I think that’s right? That’s wrong. The “eye test” or “I think” — take that out of the equation.”

The selection process isn’t likely to change anytime soon, but if enough big names continue to come out and provide ways for everything to improve we could see a change down the line.

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