The Best Overwatch Skins for EVERY Character

With Halloween upon Overwatch launched its Halloween event with the return of Dr. Jukenstein’s Revenge. However, the best part about the Halloween event is the skins. There is something about the Halloween season that brings out the best of Overwatch’s creativity when it comes to skins. With that said let’s list the best skins in Overwatch by character. For this list, I will go through every character in Overwatch and chose the best skin for each. The skins must be obtainable, skins that are tied to the Overwatch League, Esport team, or other sponsored evens will not be included. So whether you are a tank, healer, or DPS player these are the best skins you can rock.

31. Snow Owl (Ana)

Ana’s Snow Owl was part of the winter event. The skin gives Ana feathers and an Owl mask that makes her look mystical. The color pallet fits perfectly with Ana’s aesthetic as an older and wiser character who simply observes the events play out and assists when she has to.