Lonzo Ball Denies Allegations of Torn Ankle Ligaments From Alan Foster

Lonzo Ball is ready to begin a new chapter of his career with the New Orleans Pelicans. However, he must first address some allegations levied against him by Big Baller Brand co-founder and former business partner Alan Foster, who Ball sued for allegedly stealing millions from his personal finances.

In a video posted to YouTube, Foster claimed that Lonzo had suffered torn ligaments in his ankle during his final season with the Los Angeles Lakers.

Foster added that Ball was set to undergo surgery to repair his ligaments but the Lakers stopped the surgery because they did not want teams to know since it would hurt their chances of landing Anthony Davis.

“No team would have wanted Lonzo with an ankle injury, recovering from surgery,” Foster said.

He also blamed LaVar Ball for his sons injuries, saying: “It’s LaVar’s fault for driving him into the ground when he was a kid. He had the boys running on cement, running hills on concrete. Can you imagine the damage that does on your knees? On your ankles? And then, when they play in the game — whether it’s AAU, high school —LaVar requested that they stayed in the full game with no breaks, no rest. So, Lonzo’s 21 years old but his ankles are really like 31 years old.”

“Alan Foster has repeatedly lied, defrauded and stole from the Ball family,” Ball family spokesperson Denise White said. “Anything he says cannot be trusted.” The New Orleans Pelicans also issued a statement via TMZ: “The team strongly debunks this and was very aware of Lonzo’s injury history and status [before we traded for him].”

Lonzo has been playing with the Pelicans and has shown no signs of a lingering injury, so who knows whether Foster was telling the truth or continuing in fraudulent activities.

The Pelicans will officially kickoff their 2019-20 campaign on the road on Tuesday, October 22 against the defending champion Toronto Raptors at Scotiabank Arena, so we will get an early look at how the Pelicans will stack up against the best of the best. New Orleans wraps up their preseason on Friday, October 18 against the New York Knicks.

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