From ‘Bachelorette’ to ‘Ghosted’ Rachel Lindsay is Still a Star

Rachel Lindsay, a licensed attorney in the state of Texas, made reality television history on season 13 of the long-running ABC reality TV show The Bachelorette where she was the first African-American Bachelorette in the history of the series. She had previously appeared on season 21 of The Bachelor.

Lindsay had previously obtained her Bachelor’s degree from the University of Texas where she studied kinesiology and sports management, before receiving her law degree from Marquette University. Her father, Sam A. Lindsay, is a federal judge.

Since her reality television debut, Lindsay has gone on to receive plenty of on-camera gigs before earning a hosting job with the new MTV series Ghosted: Love Gone Missing.

“It’s just becoming acceptable, and it’s a problem,” Rachel said about her past ghosting experience which inspired her to accept the hosting gig, via Hollywood Life. “I was actually at church of all places on New Year’s Eve, I will never forget this, I’m talking to the friend who actually introduced me to this guy and he’s like, ‘Man, everyone has a child.’ And I said, ‘No, so-and-so doesn’t,’ and I’m talking about my boyfriend and he looks at me with the most dumbfounded look.”

She went on to find out her boyfriend had a two-month-old child.

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