Which teams are on the up in the NFL?

The National Football League is one of the most popular in the whole of the US sports scene – and with good reason, too. The 32 teams which comprise it are full of talented players who play with dignity and energy every time they hit the pitch, and that’s what has made it so popular since it first launched back in 1920. And now that NFL Playoffs betting online is so easy, you can even make some cash out of it too.

But before you can get started with a strategic NFL wagering plan and make your first few shrewd and lucrative bets, you need to be sure that you know which teams are about to break into the top slots. Just because a football team is currently top of the league does necessarily mean they will stay there – and by familiarizing yourself with the up and coming teams who are currently just a tier or so below the very top flight, you’ll be able to be on your guard against any unexpected surges and factor that into your wagering. 

Kansas City Chiefs

The Kansas City Chiefs are not usually known for being at the top of a list of priority teams for bettors – but the performance of the team in the last season means that this year there’s certainly something to be said for keeping an eye on them. The team is packed with talent: from Sammy Watkins (a receiver who has experience as a first-round choice) to promising cornerbacks such as Bashaud Breeland, the personnel here certainly make it a team to keep an eye on. 

Denver Broncos

When it comes to defense, the Denver Broncos really are up there. They’re in the top ten on that front, meaning they have a solid position from which to begin – and they’ve also got 11 picks for this year’s draft, too. While it’s far from certain that they have success in the bag, bettors are advised to keep their eyes peeled when it comes to this team. Their personnel are tightly controlled, meaning that they could quickly surge into high performance territory with not much notice. 

Chicago Bears

The Bears are certainly well known, but that doesn’t necessarily make them a top choice for a bettor. What does indicate that they are a team to trust when it comes to placing your bets is that they don’t hold back when it comes to hiring talent – talent that is likely to propel them forwards this season. There are some great names on the line-up this year, including linebackers such as Leonard Floyd. Floyd in particular has made 124 combined tackles over the last four seasons with the Bears, and he’s not the only one on the team with decent performance statistics. Failing to watch the Bears when making wagers, then, could prove to be a very costly mistake.

Cleveland Browns

Leaf through any NFL publication at the moment and it’s almost certain that you’ll find yourself reading at least something about the Cleveland Browns. That’s because they’ve recently burst back on to the scene following something of a double decade slump – which just goes to show how quickly a team can bounce back in a league like this.

Their current line up is described by the NFL itself as the best since the Browns came back into the League exactly twenty years ago. And when you look at the players on the line-up, it’s hard to avoid coming to similar conclusions. Take the example of Odell Beckham Jr., now a famous face in the NFL world and especially popular with fans, is just one node in a connected, high-performance team which could well surge ahead this year. 

The NFL occupies a place in the heart of every die-hard US sports fan – and no matter what team you support, it’s clear that this almost century-old institution is a valuable one for the future of US sports. As this article has shown, though, if you’re interested in wagering on it then you need to get strategic. This organization is known for nurturing up and coming talent both at the individual player level and at the team level – and by working out now which teams might be on the rise, you’ll be able to build that into your betting plans and hopefully turn a profit over time and as the season rumbles on.

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