Instagram Influencer Makes $100k+ Thanks to Freakishly Long Tongue

Mikayla Saravia is one of the many women making money these days as a “social media influencer.” Mikayla has built an audience of more than 2 million followers on Instagram and she’s found a perfect way to monetize them. In fact, she has claimed that she’s already brought in more than $100,000 this year.

So, what’s her secret?

Unlike a number of Instagram models who are flaunting their glutes with some over the shoulder looks, Mikayla makes the best of her freakishly long tongue which is reportedly a whopping 6.5-inches long.

“Last year I made a little under $50K — should be better this year because I’ve already doubled that amount,” she said during an interview with LAD Bible. “I do ads and monetize my YouTube and my app. I also sell merch on my website.”

Mikayla claims she makes between $900 and $3,000 for each post.

Of course, if you want to check out Mikayla’s Instagram page you should be warned that a lot of the photos are highly suggestive. So while they aren’t technically “NSFW”, you may want to think twice before loading up photos of a woman with a freakishly long tongue licking a popsicle or posing with an eggplant. But hey, there’s a little bit of something for everyone on the internet.

For more photos of Mikayla, you can head over to Instagram and join her more than 2 million followers. You can also check out additional photos in the gallery below.


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