KFC to Test Out Chicken & Donuts Sandwich in Select Locations

Chicken sandwiches had a viral rebirth over the summer thanks to the Popeyes chicken sandwich, and now KFC is ramping things up for their own unique menu item. According to Business Insider, KFC will be rolling out a “Chicken & Donut Sandwich” at select locations.

The sandwich will be available at select locations in the Norfolk/Richmond, Virginia and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania areas.

The sandwich will be priced at $6 or you can make it a combo for $8. There will also be a chicken-and-doughnut meal that will cost $5.50 with one donut and $7.50 for two donuts. And if you really want a donut to go with your meal, you can add one to anything on the menu for just $1.

The sandwich is a chicken filet between two glazed donuts, while the platters are chicken tenders or chicken on the bone with your preferred number of donuts.


According to Kentucky Fried Chicken’s announcement, the donuts and fried chicken are a popular combination in major cities like Philadelphia, San Diego, and Portland. It may not be as popular as the classic chicken and waffles combo, but it’s making up ground and things could be taken to a national scale if the tests in Virginia and Pittsburgh play out well.

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Popeyes Trolls Internet Over Popeyes Chicken Sandwich
Popeyes Trolls Internet Over Popeyes Chicken Sandwich
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