Top 5 Worst Trends That Plague This Gaming Generation

Gamers have been through a lot this generation, from botched console launches to controversies so insane that it got foreign governments involved. This generation felt much more experimental versus past generations, were before we were expected to buy the game, enjoy it, and move on to the next one. That is no longer the case, one game is expected to cross out all sort of checkmarks before it can be considered a success. This has led to some of the worst features that have annoyed all gamers this generation. So let us look back at some of these attempts of failed innovation, and take a look at the top 5 worst trends that plague this gaming generation.

5. Always-on DRM

This is the oldest and still occurring feature of this list. Always-on DRM is a mechanic in which the game must remain online at all times, this is meant to prevent piracy. The earliest mention of DRM came during the Xbox One reveal where it was stated that the Xbox One needed to always stay online. However, this quickly obtained backlash from the community mainly because of the internet accessibility back in 2013, while still widely accessible it was still a questionable decision to implement such a feature. Trying to justify the always-online model created a PR nightmare for Microsoft in theory always-on DRM seems like an easy solution, however, in practice, it is a lot more complicated mainly because not everyone has reliable internet. Before the Xbox launch, this feature was removed, but this wouldn’t be the last time the inclusion of DRM backfired.

SimCity 2013, was long-awaited sequel to the famous city building simulator. Despite the hype and the early press coverage, there was one thing that had gamers worried, always-on DRM. This crippled the game’s fanbase by effecting everyone’s experienced based on their internet connection. The game was also buggy with reported corrupted saves. This landed a strong blow to EA’s image something that we will revisit later on this list. The reason why DRM is low on this list is that despite the initial backlash games requiring to stay online has become a standard part of gaming, games such as Overwatch, and Fortnite only work online and they have gained massive success. Microsoft’s attempt to futureproof their console, in the long run, was a success.