Top 10 NXT Superstars to be Excited About In 2019-2020

WWE’s NXT has become the third and arguably the strongest brand in WWE. Since its start back in 2012, NXT has become a breath of fresh air for anyone looking for something new from WWE. The NXT Takeover PPVs are constantly sold out, and easily provide most of WWE match of the year contenders. As a power move to compete against AEW, WWE signed a deal to air NXT on the USA Network, letting a bigger audience get a taste of the best that WWE has to offer.

But the question is where to start? Which wrestler should I invest my time following? This is what this list is for, as I give you the top 10 NXT superstars to be excited about. For this list, I will divide the list by gender, in other words, 5 female superstars and 5 male superstars.

10. Pete Dunne

Pete Dunne arrived in WWE during the first United Kingdom Tournament where he was the runner up losing to Tyler Bates. Pete Dunne would later find redemption during NXT Takeover: Chicago, where he won the UK Championship in a match of the year contender. Pete Dunne would become the longest-reigning champion holding the belt for 700+ days. During this time Pete Dunne would appear throughout NXT and NXT UK feuding with some of the best each brand has to offer, from teaming up with Roderick Strong during the Dusty Rhodes Classic, to competing in the second NXT Takeover Wargames PPV. After losing the title to Walter, Pete Dunne has completely been drafted to NXT. At 25 years old he is constantly outpacing his opponents proving that he one of the best wrestlers to watch.