Hottest Girls Of Electric Zoo 2019: Must-See Photos

EZoo 2019 has come and gone; however, beyond all of the music and dancing, the festival brought out some of the most gorgeous women. We figured somebody should show off some of these women after a weekend of mind-bending electronic dance music. So without further ado, here’s who we believe are some of the hottest women from Electronic Zoo 2019.


Shannon is an Instagram model based out of Brooklyn and she is gorgeous. She is steadily growing followers and you can see more of her by following her Instagram and Twitter pages.


Jacqueline Yencik is an Instagram model with a passion for music and body movement who goes around modeling at EDM festivals. Follow her on her Instagram page.


Bianca Cedeno has posted pictures of her modeling at Greece and Italy. EZoo2019 is just a small stop. Give her a follow on Instagram.


Sharolyne Ramirez is an Instagram that has over 12K followers. If you want to see her workout photos and see her baking then give her a follow on Instagram.


Nikki loves EZoo and plans on going next year. You can check out more of her pics by going to her Instagram page.

Those were just a few highlighted girls; however, here’s a gallery of the hottest girls from EZoo 2019 and you can see more by following #ezoo2019 and #electriczoony on Instagram.

Can’t wait for next year to see more and have more experiences.

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COED Girl Of The Day: Ava Thompson, New Hampshire (PHOTOS)
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