PlayStation Plus Free Games: September 2019 Games List & Lineup

Rejoice PlayStation Plus subscribers, for being a part of the subscription service every month you can download two games for free. Coming this September for free, with a Plus account, are the post-apocalyptic action game Darksiders III and everyone’s favorite caped crusader Batman: Arkham Knight. Both third-person action games will be available for download starting September 3rd and run through September 30th.

The first game is THQ Nordic’s Darksiders III. This hack-and-slash action game was initially released in 2018 and stared ‘Fury,’ one of the members of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. ‘Fury’ is tasked by the ‘Charred Council’ to hunt down and kill the personifications of the Seven Deadly Sins. Her promised reward? Becoming the leader of the Four Horsemen. Now, if you haven’t played the first two installments, the story can be a bit confusing. Though, if you’re a Plus member, we highly suggest that you check this installment out anyway. You’ll get hours of gameplay, beautiful settings, and colorful cast of characters ripped right out of a 90s comic book story.

Second is Rocksteady’s third installment to their award-winning ‘Batman’ titles, Batman: Arkham Knight. Originally released in 2015, the sequel to Batman: Arkham City has you witnessing ‘Batman’ as he comes to terms with the ‘Joker’s death. Along the way, you will have to face long-time foes like ‘Harley Quinn,’ ‘Two-Face,’ ‘Penguin,’ ‘Scarecrow,’ and a new threat the ‘Arkham Knight.’ Rocksteady also introduced a brand new gameplay mechanic by letting players take control of the Batmobile and cause waves of destruction.

Remember: to download either of these titles, you must be a member of PlayStation Plus.

Side Note: if you haven’t downloaded August’s free games, Wipeout: Omega Collection and Sniper Elite 4 will be available until September 2nd.

It should also be mentioned that Sony is having a vast Summer Savings Sale on the PlayStation Store. You can purchase from a massive library of titles of up to 80% off. Some titles are Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Injustice 2, Bioshock: The Collection, Mortal Kombat X, Demon Gaze II, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy, and many more. You better hurry, this sale ends September 3rd.

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