Apex Legends ‘Crypto’ Leaked: Full Story & Must-See Details

Game developer Respawn Entertainment seems to be making moves towards future plans for their battle royale, first-person shooter video game Apex Legends. The battle royal’s Season 2 event just ended, and the latest leaks for the title seems to showcase some new content heading our way. What we mean is Apex Legends is gearing up to release a new character named ‘Crypto,’ a new charge rifle weapon, a new skin for ‘Gibraltar,’ and new physical versions of the title.

Reported by comicbook.com, comes the news that ‘Crypto’s character design pictures were leaked from a recent Gamestop conference in Nashville, Tennesse. These conferences are giant training sessions for the company’s employees and can include some insider information as to what will be happening in the video game industry. This “information” can include video game partnerships, events, sequels, DLC, and much more (these “information” drops don’t happen all the time). You can view ‘Crypto’s design below:

Apex Legends 'Crypto'

YouTube Screenshot

Some information about ‘Crypto’ is that fans have been speculating that he is the character who destroyed the ‘Repulsor Tower’ at the beginning of Season 2. If this is true, then his tool kit must revolve around hacking (maybe he’ll play similarly to Overwatch‘s ‘Sombra’). Also, in the top right corner of his picture, you can see a little flying drone. That drone could definitely be used to scout the playing field, provide covering fire, or some other form of support to your character and squad. While the new character is fascinating, ‘Crypto’ isn’t the only leak to come from this Gamestop conference.

Apex Legends Zombie 'Gibraltar'

YouTube Screenshot

Introducing the new Zombie ‘Gibraltar’ skin; though, the character looks more like Frankenstein’s monster than a Zombie. Anyway, this skin was leaked at the event alongside ‘Crypto.’ We can speculate that this next update for the game could be coming around Halloween since that’s when this skin can best fit.

Other leaks from the event include a new ‘Charge Rifle’ weapon, that was popular in the Titan Fall series (developed by Respawn Entertainment):

Apex Legends Charge Rifle

YouTube Screenshot

And new physical editions of Apex Legends as seen in the cover art depicting characters ‘Blood Hound’ and ‘Lifeline.’ These physical editions are speculated to be ‘Hero Editions’ and could contain extra in-game content that you can’t get in the free digital version of the game:

Apex Legends Hero Editions

YouTube Screenshot

It does suck having things spoiled so early, but it is fun to talk about how excited we are to see that more content is headed our way. Again, we speculate that all of this content will be coming around Halloween, so with that, it doesn’t seem like we’ll have to wait long for it.

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