Bhad Bhabie Catches Heat Over Nicki Minaj ‘Ghostwriting’ Comments

Rapper Bhad Bhabie, more popularly known as Danielle Bregoli or the Cash Me Outside Girl, is catching some heat over her comments about Nicki Minaj. Minaj has a loyal fanbase, so when Bregoli implied that the rapper may regularly use a ghostwriter there was immediate backlash.

Bregoli had simply said that there can be collaborative efforts in music, but Minaj’s fans were not happy.

“Y’all just don’t understand how this industry works,” she said. “It’s so sad. It’s so upsetting because people put a lot of work into getting things done and then y’all hear, ‘Oh, she didn’t write that hook? Oh, well fuck her.’ What? Y’all know most of the biggest…Drake, Nicki. All them people get shit written for them, too. Wayne. Like, all types of people get shit written. Whether they actually gonna use it or not, shit still gets written. Even sometimes in sessions artists will talk to they friends [to get advice]. That’s how shit gets done. Sometimes it’s a team effort.”

She then attempted to clarify the comments.

“I forgot that Nicki’s fandom, majority of them are brainwashed and braindead and just so in love with her that they believe anything she says,” Bhabie said. “Not once did I ever say that Nicki doesn’t write all of her music or that Cardi doesn’t write all of her music or that City Girls or Lil Wayne or any of them people that I brought up earlier…What I said was hooks are given to them [and] verses are given to them sometimes.”

The 16-year-old rising music star first burst onto the scene following an episode of Dr. Phil in September 2016.

Since then, Bregoli has launched her music career and found some immediate success.

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