El Paso Shooter’s Father Bryan Crusius is a Licensed Therapist Who Claims He Once Spoke to God

As people continue to grieve from the El Paso shooting, details about the shooters family are beginning to surface. His father, Bryan Crusius, has been identified as a licensed therapist who wrote a memoir about his decades-long battle with addiction.

Crusius’ book, “Life Enthusiasm: A Path to Purpose Beyond Recovery,” was self-published and opens up about his struggles.

“I was always the one daring everyone else to go over the top in the partying category by taking the extreme amounts of whatever we had, whether Quaaludes, alcohol, magic mushrooms, or something else,” he wrote, according to the Daily Mail.

He also claims that he met and spoke with God.

“Christ greeted me with a smile. He pulled his robe aside again with his right hand to reveal the flaming heart of love and compassion. He addressed me thus: ‘Bryan, you have chosen the Path of the Heart,’” he wrote.

His practice, which is based in Texas, uses “energy therapies” according to his official website.

“I call my practice Infused Being Therapy. I strongly believe that recovery from addiction and trauma is a process. For successful recovery and healing – clients have to be willing to ‘let go and let their Higher Power’ guide and heal them. This is the basic process; there are many details, much understanding and deeper self-knowledge to be attained along the way. This is the process of Infused Being Therapy,” he wrote.

“I use various Energy Therapies as an adjunct to traditional cognitive talk therapy. Much research has been done on acupuncture and related energy healing methodologies. Many believe (and I agree) that it is possible to support intellectual talk therapy with energy healing. In my experience, energy healing treats more of the whole person; including Body and Spirit.”

Bryan and Lori Lynn Crusius, Patrick Crusius’ mother, divorced in 2001 when Patrick was 12 years old. In his book, he discussed how his 40-year addiction to drugs and alcohol cost him his marriage to Lori and his first wife.

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