Alla Verber Cause of Death: How Did Russian Fashion Icon Die?

Alla Verber, an icon in the Russian fashion industry, died at age 61 while vacationing in Italy, according to reports. Verber’s passing was confirmed by a report from Verber is known for growing Russia’s oldest department store which celebrated its 110th anniversary in November 2017.

A statement from Central Department Store read: “With deep sorrow, we are reporting that Allcury’s vice president and fashion director of TSUM and DLT have passed away.”

Prior to her passing, Verber had been hospitalized for blood poisoning.

All of the information we know about Verber’s passing can be seen below.

Alla Verber Cause of Death: Anaphylactic Shock

According to reports, Verber passed away from anaphylactic shock while on vacation in Italy. According to, Verber was trying seafood dishes for dinner when she had an allergic reaction. The anaphylactic shock caused sepsis which ultimately led to organ failure and a heart attack.

Verber is known for growing the Russian department store Tsum, the oldest department store in the country.

From SCMP:

There’s plenty of cause for celebration. Despite Russia’s shaky economic situation since 2015, at Tsum, which sells beauty, fashion and luxury goods over 70,000 square metres and five floors, turnover has been growing 20 per cent to 30 per cent each season.

Building Tsum from a dull, Soviet-era operation to a billion-dollar company has been largely attributed to the Tsum fashion director and vice-president of the Mercury Group (which owns Tsum), Alla Verber. The de facto queen of Tsum was born in Leningrad in the USSR and lived in Rome and Canada before returning to her native Russia.

Our deepest condolences go out to Verber’s family and friends during this difficult time.

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