WATCH: Cain Velasquez Steals the Show in Pro Wrestling Debut

Former UFC heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez made his professional wrestling debut over the weekend at Lucha Libre AAA’s TripleMania XXVII in Mexico City. Velasquez was part of a six-man tag team match and wowed the fans with a spectacular performance that had him looking like a seasoned vet.

Velasquez entered the ring in a luchador mask and was stealing the show throughout the match.

Many people expected Velasquez to simply show up and land a few body slams, but he was flying through the air and bringing the luchador style that we are used to seeing from some of the most exciting wrestlers in the game.

“Seriously. Cain Velasquez was amazing. I figured he’d hit a body slam or 2. Maybe a suplex. But he went out there flipping around like a big ass Rey Mysterio,” the Las Vegas Fight Shop wrote on Twitter.

You can check out some of the video highlights below.

Pretty impressive for a 6-foot-1, 240-pounder, right?

With those kinds of moves, Velasquez very well could have a future in pro wrestling and it wouldn’t be surprising to see him receiving offers from bigger promotions once his mixed martial arts career is officially in the books.

In fact, there are already reports that WWE is keeping a close eye on Velasquez, who has two more matches on his AAA deal.

“There were several within WWE who were also watching the show and will be paying attention to how his next two matches go,” a report from Fightful Select read. Ringside News adds:

It was also reported that Velasquez was very easy to work with and everyone who dealt with him had nothing but positive things to say. Therefore, he is obviously respecting the business. He is a big fan of lucha libre, but WWE also has a lot of money and offering him a deal at some point might not be the worst idea especially considering AAA’s relationship with AEW.

Perhaps we will get to see a Cain Velasquez vs. Brock Lesnar rematch in the ring.

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