Xbox Live Gold Free Games: August 2019 List & Lineup

Xbox owners rejoice, coming to you for free if you’re an Xbox Live Gold subscription participant are a great lineup of games. Xbox One owners will be able to get, for free, Gears of War4 (from August 1st through the 31st) and Forza Motorsport 6 (from August 16th through September 15th). Xbox 360 owners will be able to get, for free, Torchlight (from August 1st through the 31st) and Castlevania: Lord of Shadow (from August 16th through September 15th). However, both of the free games that are available for the Xbox 360 will be cross-compatible with the Xbox One, digitally.

Gears of War 4, originally released in October 2016, continues the Gears franchise 25 years after the ending of previous mainline installment, Gears of War 3. Gears 4 features a fully developed single-player campaign, two-player couch/local split-screen co-op, ten-player online multiplayer modes, and a slew of other game modes. You can also get all of the previous installments of the franchise on the Xbox One digitally.

Forza Motorsport 6, originally released in September 2015, is the sixth installment in this long-running Microsoft racing title. Forza 6 features a tremendous library of drivable vehicles, high-octane online races that other players can drop right into, and a satisfying single-player mode with tons of challenges so players won’t feel bored. Feel the racing rush while playing this title.

Beginning the Xbox 360 lineup of free games we have the title Torchlight. Released back in 2009, Torchlight features everything that action-based role-playing dungeon crawler has to offer a wide fan-base. This game has an enchanting world, deep and twisted story, interesting combat mechanics, and a randomized dungeon system that leaves players guessing at every turn.

Lastly, on this listing of great free games is Castlevania: Lord of Shadow. Released back in 2010, this attempt of a reboot provides a 20 to 25 hour long single-player campaign with a gripping story that introduces a new ‘Belmont’ to the old family, ‘Gabriel Belmont’. Players will have to fight through beautiful scenery, fight insane bosses (which are both entertaining and frustrating), all in order to find out what truly happened to the ‘Belmont’s dead wife and obtain the power of the ‘Lord of Shadow’. As a plus, this game is beautifully narrated by Patrick Stewart (making all the lore filled cut-scenes worth listening to).

Trust us when we say that all of these games are worth the space on your hard-drive. Also, don’t forget, the Xbox 360 games are cross-compatible with Xbox One Consoles.

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