4Chan User Reportedly Murdered Internet Personality Bianca Devins, Posted Photos Online

Brandon Andrew Clark, a frequent 4chan user who was also active on Instagram under the username @yesjuliet, is reportedly the man responsible for the murder of 17-year-old internet personality Bianca Devins. The Instagram account owned by Clark posted dark messages prior to Sunday, July 14 when images were shared on the Instagram story that showed a bloodied and mutilated female body.

Graphic photos surfaced on social media that were originally posted on the @yesjuliet Instagram story that appeared to show a bloodied body with the caption “I am sorry Bianca.” Another photo posted to 4chan showed the girl’s body with a deep cut across her throat.

The Instagram bio for the account read “10/06/1997 – 7/14/19. Just know that I feel no pain now.”

Prior to sharing photos of Bianca’s nearly decapitated body, the killer shared a photo that showed a vehicle driving down the road with a caption: “Here comes Hell. It’s redemption, right?”

The Instagram account has since been removed.

When police arrived on the scene, a female was found dead outside of a vehicle while the man was nearby with severe injuries of his own.

“The female is outside the vehicle, and the male was located outside the vehicle. At this point what occurred and when it occurred is part of the investigation,” Lt. Bryan Coromato said in a statement.

From NBC New York:

Coromato also said Utica police were aware there were social media postings of the victim dead — with unspecified injuries. He said he could not confirm whether the photos were authentic, and said the department plans to meet with the woman’s family later Monday. When asked about the “murder weapon,” though, Coromato did say, “It appears to have been a sharp instrument.” No additional details were released.

Instagram issued a statement Monday saying it had removed an image from account @yesjuliet for violating its policies and had taken steps to prevent other users from re-uploading the image to the social platform. The account referenced has an associated name of Brandon Andrew Clark and lists a birthday of Oct. 6, 1997 along with a date of death — Sunday.

A social media post from James Ward, who is reportedly the brother of Clark, confirms that his brother killed someone and attempted suicide. Ward made the post after being subject to online abuse.

“Shoutout to all the people who target someone’s family and blame them for a persons decisions. Nothing better than waking up at 4am to find out your brother killed someone and tried to kill himself, and when you’re trying to understand and comprehend how the person you looked up to, and taught you so much is responsible for such a horrible act, and people proceed to go out and blame you for what he did,” the post read.

“So here I am stationed in Alaska for military service wanting nothing more than to wake up and be back home hoping this is some sick twisted nightmare, instead I’m all the way across the country. I’m deeply sorry something like this came from my family and my heart goes out for the family of the victim, but think about when his little sister and brothers find out what a disgusting thing he’s done, and get blamed for it. They’re kids.”


17-Year-Old Internet Personality Bianca Devins Reportedly Murdered in Utica, New York
17-Year-Old Internet Personality Bianca Devins Reportedly Murdered in Utica, New York
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