Alex Morgan Gets Ripped by Rival for ‘Distasteful’ Tea Celebration

Alex Morgan was celebrating her 30th birthday on Tuesday, July 2 as the United States women’s national team faced off against England in the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup. Morgan scored the go-ahead goal for the USWNT which ultimately turned out to be the game-winner in the 2-1 win which punched the United States’ ticket to the World Cup Final.

Of course, it was Morgan’s “tea drinking” celebration that really had social media buzzing with many soccer fans enjoying a laugh and praising Morgan for a well-played troll job.

One person, however, was not happy with Morgan’s antics and perceived mockery.

Enter Lianne Sanderson, a former England player who was a member of the third-place squad at the 2015 Women’s World Cup.

“I expected Alex to grab a goal but I’m not that happy with that celebration,” Sanderson said during an interview after the game, via beIN Sports. “You can celebrate how you want, but for me that is a bit distasteful, and I don’t think she needs to do that.

“For me, I could be wrong, but it’s based upon playing against England. We love our tea in England. I’m not a tea drinker but that’s what we’re connected with so I think it’s a little bit distasteful.”

Hey, it’s the World Cup, let’s let the players have some fun and enjoy their accomplishments — especially when it is the player’s birthday.

Following the win, the United States is now waiting for the winner of the Netherlands vs. Sweden semifinal match on Wednesday, July 3. The USWNT and winner of Wednesday’s game will then face off in the World Cup Final on Sunday, July 7.

England, meanwhile, will be taking on the loser of Netherlands vs. Sweden a day prior in the third-place game.

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