Police Grant Adorable 93-Year-Old Woman's Dying Wish to Be Arrested

There really are just some good people out there. Josie Birds, a 93-year-old UK woman, has enjoyed a long life of being good all the time. That being said, with her growing age, Josie is doing everything that she can to eliminate her last few life-long goals off of her bucket list.
One of these ventures was for Josie to be arrested and processed like she committed a crime just out of curiosity to experience what it is like to go over to the other side for a stint. Even as an extremely harmless woman, it seems like Birds is prepared to live the rest of her life on the edge. She reportedly wanted “to be arrested for something before it is too late”, according to The Guardian.
It was her granddaughter, Pam Smith, that initially reached out to the Greater Manchester Police in the United Kingdom with an unusual inquiry, mentioning the request from her grandmother as well as the bucket list prompting the request. The GMP took the request seriously, and like any other deserving criminal, they actually went in to detain the 93-year-old.

Birds’ family originally starting reaching out to police weeks ago and with a major focus on community, as well as the support they receive from these people, the police just could not ignore the request. The officers were happy to make the elderly lady smile and Josie herself was even said to have ‘thoroughly enjoyed’ the gesture made her way from the police. Pam also sent out a tweet thanking the police officers and has received over one thousand likes on it already. Now, Josie can enjoy the rest of her life without wondering what it is like to get locked up. Unfortunately, she can no longer say she has been nothing but, good.

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