WATCH: Rutgers Chancellor Nancy Cantor Caught on Film Berating Police Officers

Nancy Cantor, the chancellor of the Rutgers University – Newark campus, found herself in some hot water and was forced to apologize after being captured on video in a less than flattering way. Cantor was involved in a minor traffic accident which led to her losing her cool and getting into a verbal altercation with police officers.
Cantor was involved in a fender-bender with a campus police vehicle and she was upset about her ride to the airport being delayed as the officers in the SUV appropriately waited for their supervisors to arrive on the scene.
“I’m the chancellor,” she shouted at the police officers, via “If I miss my plane you folks are in trouble! I’d love to see them do this to [Rutgers] President [Robert] Barchi.”
Eventually, Cantor was allowed to go on her way to Newark Liberty International Airport and there were no tickets issued.
You can check out the video of the incident below.

After the footage went public, Rutgers University issued a statement on Cantor’s behalf.
“The chancellor just recently saw the video of the incident from several months ago and reached out to the officers with an apology,” the university said in a statement. “They have responded with appreciation for her sentiments.”
The campus police have since responded.
“I appreciate Chancellor Cantor taking the time to review the video. I along with the RUPD are appreciative of her kind words and support. The sentiment is extremely appreciated and we look forward to continuing a positive working relationship with the Rutgers-Newark Chancellor’s Office,” Rutgers-Newark Police Chief Carmelo “John” Huertas said.
Cantor’s driver said that the chancellor was not in the vehicle at the time of the accident, but she was simply waiting for the ride and observed the incident as a witness when he hit the police SUV’s bumper.

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