Space Jam 2 Cast: Klay Thompson Reportedly Joining

Space Jam 2 has had multiple NBA stars turn down roles in the upcoming film, but now it looks like LeBron James has at least one companion. According to reports, Golden State Warriors star Klay Thompson is set to agree to a role in the upcoming film.
The news was revealed during a recent radio show.
“Everybody thinks [Klay Thompson] is probably staying with the Warriors and I would agree with that. But I heard some news this week that could change things,” Jason McIntyre said on his radio show. “That Klay Thompson is now ‘locked in’ to do ‘Space Jam 2.’ I don’t think that news is anywhere.”
The sequel from the 1996 film has hit a snag with several NBA stars turning down the role. Giannis Antentokoumpo, James Harden, Kevin Durant, and several others have already reportedly declined to be a part of it. The filming of the movie — which will reportedly heavily feature the Nike brand — is set to begin this summer but have not yet found a secondary lead.
The sequel is more focused on a family arc, while the original film’s plot was centered around Michael Jordan saving the Looney Tunes. While Ball may be a little too old for the secondary role, James may not have to look far to fill the secondary role. His son, Lebron James Jr., is only a freshman but has already made a name for himself on the AAU circuit.
The younger James has already taken an unofficial visit to Duke, despite being only 14 years old. A father-son duo in a movie that highlights a family arc could make a lot of money in the box office. Space Jam 2 is not set to be released until the summer of 2021 which gives the younger James an opportunity to make a name for himself on the recruiting circuit.

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