NBA Finals 2019, Raptors vs. Warriors: The Match for the Milestone

As the NBA season starts to reach a close, there’s only one thing on the minds of many basketball fans, and that’s who will be the winners of the NBA finals. The teams in question are The Golden State Warriors from Oakland, California and the Toronto Raptors from none other than Toronto, Canada.
This game is sure to be an exciting event, especially given the massive victory of a milestone on the line.

The Golden State Warriors

The men from the golden state have had quite the success in their sports career, as they have previously received the achievement of a “three-peat” (the act of winning three finals in a row) along with teams before them such as The Boston Celtics, The Los Angeles Lakers, and the Chicago Bulls.
Some of their biggest MVP’s consist of Stephen Curry as the point guard, Kevin Durant as the small forward, and DeMarcus Cousins as the power forward. They earned their spot to the finals by beating the Portland Trail Blazers during the Western Conference Finals by 4-0.
If they succeed this season, it will be the first time in the NBA history that four consecutive wins in a row will ever be accomplished. A feat that basketball fans around the world would be very excited to see. Speaking of the world.

The Toronto Raptors

Kyle Lowry before he was drafted to the Raptors


As the name implies, this team comes from the neighbors up north to the U.S.A. In fact, what makes their inclusion to the finals so important is that they are the first foreign franchise to ever reach the NBA finals. Within twenty-four years in the run, this must be seen as nothing more than a massive feat for international sports teams around the world.
The biggest MVP’s the team has to offer consist of Kawhi Leonard as the small forward, Kyle Lowry and Jeremey Lin as point guards, and Marc Gasol as the teams center. They earned their long-awaited chance to shine when they defeated the Milwaukee Bucks with a harshly fought score of 4-2 in the semifinals.
A win for this team could set a brand new standard to sports teams all over the world as show the NBA that Canada is a force to be reconned, even with even the most prominent groups of America.

The Games Begin

Basketball going into the goal to see who earns points


There has undoubtedly been a lot of talk between who has the highest advantage in skill and determination. Many believe that the Golden State Warriors and their momentum will carry through. While others may find that the Raptors and their rain so far might actually pull through. Whoever the victor is, it’s sure to be a historical moment that will live on in the lives of basketball players, fans, and generations alike.
The polls between the teams have also been currently set on $1,295,117.
The finals will take place on June 17th, only until then will we see how which team makes history for generations to come.

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