Conor McGregor Says the "War" with Khabib Nurmagamedov is "Not Over"

While we haven’t heard much from Khabib Nurmagamedov following his epic UFC 229 victory over Conor McGregor last October, the Irishman on the wrong end of the fight has been running his mouth plenty.
McGregor, who has not fought since he was submitted by Khabib Nurmagamedov in the fourth round of their bout at UFC 229 in Las Vegas, recently made an appearance on the Tony Robbins Podcast to discuss all things UFC and Khabib Nurmagamedov.
During his appearance,  McGregor delved into his ongoing feud with Khabib Nurmagamedov, his desire for a rematch, and how it is Khabib’s camp that is “running” from the fight.

“Trust me when I tell you, Tony, this war is not over,” McGregor says at one point.
In addition to a potential future bout with the UFC Lightweight Champion, McGregor also gave his side of the story to the now-infamous post-UFC 229 brawl that saw Nurmagamedov leap out of the cage and into the stands to attack McGregor’s teammate, Dillon Danis.
“He was trying to just hide away when he jumped in, so he didn’t really do anything. But I saw this take place, I got up off the ground and said, ‘OK, now I’m back in the mix’ (and) jumped on top of the cage,” McGregor begins.
“As I jumped on top of the cage, his brother came sprinting across and jumped up on top of the cage … to climb in and help him and join the fight. I seen him there. It was like a Christmas present.”
McGregor then goes on to detail his thought process at the moment, what the chaos looked like from his point of view, and how he landed the final blow of the night.
“There’s an image, an aerial image, of the right hand just whipping by my face, and my left hand just landing flush down the pipe! The final blow of the night! So that’s it. I win,” he bolstered in typical McGregor fashion.
However, unfortunately for fans of Mystic Mac, he revealed that he’ll likely never fight in the UFC again unless it is against Nurmagamedov.
“So you’re retired unless they give you the fight?” Robbins, the former fitness expert and current motivational speaker, asked.
“Yeah. Pretty much,” McGregor replied.
You can listen to Conor McGregor’s full interview with Tony Robbins below:

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