Do the Right Thing & Sign This Petition Calling for Danny DeVito to be Wolverine

While the petitions to have the Game of Thrones final season remade were patently ridiculous, this… this is something we can truly get behind.
In yet another slice of internet genius hijinx, a user named “Ring Arius” has created a petition to have none other than Danny DeVito cast as the next Wolverine filling the shoes left by Hugh Jackman after he stepped away from the role following 2017’s Logan. Jackman portrayed the role of Wolverine / Logan for almost 20 years, beginning with X-Men in the year 2000.
At the time of this writing, the petition — which was originally launched in the beginning of May — already has over 15,000 signatures en route to its goal of 25,000.
“The only man able to take the throne after Hugh Jackman. We believe that if Wolverine is to make an appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe that the only man able to pull it off is Danny DeVito,” the short-but-sweet description of the petition reads.
Given Disney’s recent acquisition of 21st Century Fox, it is very likely that the new time we do see the iconic claw-bearing mutant is in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
While Disney or Marvel Studios have yet to discuss what their plans are for their newly acquired characters such as the Fantastic Four and the X-Men, given the machine-like nature of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, we can imagine one of the two projects — likely Fantastic Four — hitting theaters within the next five years.
In fact, some fans have such faith in Marvel Studios that there were some out there quietly hoping for the Fantastic Four’s introduction being teased at the end of Avengers: Endgame. And while that ultimately wasn’t the case, it is only a matter of time before the Disney machine begins filling out its X-Men and Fantastic Four cast.

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