Dear Hollywood, Please Start Casting Alice Eve in Blockbusters Again

For a period during the early 2010’s, there was no actress on Earth as hot as Alice Eve.
Fresh off the back of appearances in projects such as Star Trek Into Darkness, Men In Black 3, and Black Mirror, Eve seemed that she was on a rocket ship to the top of the entertainment industry.
However, in the years since, Eve’s star has since dimmed, as she’s hasn’t starred in a Blockbuster project quite as big as Star Trek Into Darkness.
That said, Eve’s career has been anything but disappointing, as she has appeared in multiple TV shows and films such as Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb, Before We Go, Dirty Weekend, Criminal, Misconduct, Bees Make Honey, Please Stand Bu, Starter for 10, Big Nothing, Crossing Over, She’s Out of My League, Sex and the City 2, The Decoy Bride, ATM, The Raven, Untogether, The Con Is On, and Replicas.
In the year 2018, Eve also entered the Marvel Cinematic Universe (kinda) when she was cast in a main role on the ill-fated Netflix series Iron Fist. 
Going forward, you can see Eve when she stars in the 2019 film Fair and Balanced and the sci-fi thriller Warning.

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