Father Thanks 49ers Draft Pick For Saving Daughter From Potential Sexual Assault

While the San Fransisco 49ers hope that Dre Greenlaw — the Arkansas Razorbacks linebacker that they selected in the 5th round of the 2019 NFL Draft — develops into an effective pro, they already know he’s a decent, stand-up guy, and that has to count for something.
After Greenlaw was drafted into the National Football League on Saturday, April 27, Gerry Dales — the father of a young woman who attends the University of Arkansas — shared a story that encapsulated the decency of the young 49ers linebacker.
“Dre Greenlaw was drafted in the 5th round by the SF 49ers. I want to tell you a little story about him,” Gerry Dales begins on Twitter.
Dales then reveals that when Greenlaw was a freshman, who say Dale’s daughter being taken advantage of and immediately sprung to action, despite what consequences it may have had on his football future at the school.
“My daughter went to a college party when she was freshman. She knew very few people at the party, and also didn’t have a ton of experience drinking. Someone slipped something into her drink when she wasn’t paying attention,” the story continues.
“Dre was also a freshman. And he knew my daughter from high school. And he did *not* know the guy who was all over her. And when that guy tried to steer my daughter out the front door, he stopped the guy and said “she’s not going anywhere.”

Dale then reveals that he waited tell this story because the 21-year-old Greenlaw was an underage freshman at the time of the incident, and while he “wasn’t drinking”, Dale didn’t want to raise any unnecessary questions.
However, now that Greenlaw was drafted in the fifth round of the NFL Draft, nothing is stopping from this story of bravery from being shared.
“I didn’t ever tell this story, because maybe someone would say “oh, he shouldn’t have been at that party.” Maybe not. But he had my daughter’s back, and for that I will always owe him. So, do me a favor. Root for Dre. He’s a good kid with a good heart,” Dale concludes.
While the San Fransisco 49ers have been embroiled in quite a few controversies in recent years, we think we can all agree that the story of Dre Greenlaw is one to root for.

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