Which Sectors Will Boom in 2019?

It’s been a fascinating start to the year, and as we cross over into the second third of the year, there’s never been a better time to reflect on the patterns we’re beginning to see.
Crucially, volatility has proven to be the watchword. Politics, both at home and abroad, has proven that whatever we think about the economy or the market, we don’t actually have quite the handle on it we once did.
Nevertheless, there are sectors which continue to show promise. For investors they make for a tasty option and, for those of us simply interested in business, they teach us about the evolving patterns of our society.
So, which are the sectors set to continue booming in 2019? Let’s take a look.

Online Casinos


Roulette in casino and Poker Chips


Gambling has been a hugely popular pastime for centuries now, but the internet posed a significant threat to its existence. Could casinos survive in a world where entertainment was a mere click away?
It sounds like a silly question today, but at the advent of the internet, it really wasn’t. Of course, now we know that not only did traditional brick & mortar casinos survive, but that they thrived as they entered the online casino space. 2019’s new casinos are a testament to the fact that even over a decade on from the first online casino, space is viable enough for new entrants like Novibet and Billion Casino.
As more of the developing world gain access to the internet, expect online casinos to greatly expand their reach and, consequently, grow dramatically.


Photo: Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images

From hockey to soccer, sports are big business. However, it’s not for everyone. For much of the population, traditional sports simply hold no value.
As video gaming has grown and the skill ceiling for video gamers has been revealed by streaming and speedrunning (completing games are record-breaking speeds), increasing numbers have become fascinated by the competitive gaming scene.
Once niche, eSports are breaking through into the mainstream with broadcasters and sponsors beginning to see the potential. Indeed, a 2017 League of Legends tournament pulled in a remarkable audience of 107 million worldwide. Nevertheless, revenues from eSports are comparatively low, sitting at around $345 million in 2018.
As the format matures, expect to see eSports revenue boom significantly.


Our world is, increasingly, one powered by batteries. Mobile computing technologies are replacing traditional, outlet powered computing at an ever-growing rate and the developing world is getting online with smartphones alone.
Equally, combustion engines are reaching the end of their natural lifecycle as concern over greenhouse gasses intensify. Their replacement? Battery powered electric vehicles.
Our demand for new batteries and battery technology is increasing dramatically and, for the company which can improve both battery capacity and reduce the amount of limited, harmful materials in their construction, huge profits await.
Investment in new battery technologies and storage is set to hit $620 billion by 2040 and though 2019 will feature just a shred of that, expect the battery industry to continue to swell throughout 2019 and in the years to come.

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