Sebastian Serafin-Bazan: Buffalo Student Dies From Hazing

Sebastian Serafin-Bazan, a University of Buffalo freshman student, has reportedly passed away following a potential fraternity hazing incident.
According to various reports, Serafin-Bazan — an 18-year-old freshman at the University of Buffalo — has died after he was hospitalized “with a serious medical condition” in the early hours of Friday, April 11.
While officials say that Serafin-Bazan went into cardiac arrest during the hazing incident, there was no alcohol or drugs in his system.
WIVB 4 reports that witnesses told detectives Serafin-Bazan was “exercising before he suffered the medical emergency.”
In a statement, the University of Buffalo confirmed that the greek life organization involved in Serafin-Bazan’s death is the school’s Sigma Pi fraternity chapter.
University at Buffalo President Satish K. Tripathi released an official statement regarding Serafin-Bazan’s, saying he is “deeply saddend” while offering to counsel to any students who need it.
“Our hearts go out to Sebastian’s family for the devastating heartbreak they are experiencing. We extend our sincerest condolences to the Serafin-Bazan family and to all of Sebastian’s friends here at UB and in his hometown of Port Chester, N.Y. We join them in mourning the tragic loss of a member of our UB family,” President Satish K. Tripathi’s statement reads.
“If you are struggling, please know that our university counselors are here to provide you support in the aftermath of this terrible loss. As we grieve Sebastian’s passing today and well beyond, it is my hope that each of us pauses to remind ourselves that we can only uphold our humanity by treating each other with dignity, compassion, and kindness,” the statement continues.
As a result of Serafin-Bazan’s death, the University of Buffalo has suspended all Greek life activity until further notice.
The death of 18-year-old Sebastian Serafin-Bazan is just the latest in a string of hazing or alcohol-related deaths that have occurred at fraternities across the United States in recent years.

University Of Buffalo Student Sebastian Serafin-Bazan Dies After Suspected Hazing Incident
University Of Buffalo Student Sebastian Serafin-Bazan Dies After Suspected Hazing Incident
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