Julien Le Bras: Full Story of Notre Dame Construction Crew Boss

Julien Le Bras, 32-years-old, has been identified as the boss of the construction company at the center of the Notre Dame Cathedral fire investigation, Le Bras Feres.
According to reports, Le Bras’s construction firm Le Bras Freres won a contract to restore the iconic Notre Dame Cathedral back in 2018, prompting Le Bras to say that “our [Le Bras Feres] first thought is to protect the values of historical buildings.”
The Le Bras Feres construction firm had won a $6.5 million contract to renovate the spire of the Notre Dame Cathedral in 2018.
Today, members of the Le Bras Feres construction team are being questioned by French authorities as they work to determine was caused the tragic blaze inside of the historic cathedral. Speaking to reporters, Le Bras said his employees will be cooperating with the investigation into how the fire began at the 850-year-old church.
Neither Le Bras nor any of his construction workers have been charged with any crimes.
At the time of this writing, investigators believe that the fire, which began around 6:50 p.m. Paris time, began “in the roof cavity below the spire where the work, which included the use of electric tools, was being carried out,” according to The Daily Mail.
As a result of the fire — which can be seen in videos engulfing almost the entire roof — the spire at Notre-Dame Cathedral has collapsed
However, three 13th century windows that were considered irreplaceable are believed to still be intact.
Additionally, a thorned crown that historians believe was worn by Jesus Christ was also recovered for the inferno.


Our thoughts and prayers are with the people of France during this difficult time.
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