WATCH: Minor League Hockey Ref Gets KO’d During Fight

We are used to seeing fights during hockey games. That is nothing new. But what we haven’t seen much of is a referee getting knocked unconscious during one of the fights. Unfortunately for one poor linesman in the striped jersey, he was on the receiving end of a stiff right hand and sent straight to the ice.

Our good friends at Busted Coverage shared video of the fight which took place during an LNAH (Ligue Nord-Americaine de Hockey) minor league game.

Hubert Poulin of the St. Georges Cool 103.5 FM needed just three seconds into the first period of a playoff game to get involved in a fight with opponent David Lacroix. Poulin’s jersey was pulled over his head during the scuffle and that is when the referee intervened. Unfortunately for the ref, Poulin still thought he was fighting Lacroix and continued unleashing some heavy shots right to the jaw.

Hey, we all know that there is nothing like the intensity of a playoff hockey game. That seems to be especially true in the LNAH.

Check out the wild video below:

Un combat qui tourne très mal dans la LNAH. Hubert Poulin du Cool FM de St-Georges-de-Beauce assomme un arbitre lors d'un combat.

Le chandail semble avoir bloqué sa vue, mais le résultat est affreux.

— Nicolas Ducharme (@NicolasDucharme) April 8, 2019

The tweet reads:

A fight that goes very badly in the LNAH. Hubert Poulin of St-Georges-de-Beauce knocked out a referee in a fight. The jersey seems to have blocked his sight, but the result was awful.

And here is the fight from another angle.

On vient de me faire parvenir une vidéo d'un autre angle du combat. Hubert Poulin semblait en effet avoir la vue voilée par son chandail et son épaulette lorsqu'il a décoché sa droite qui a atteint le juge de ligne de la LNAH.

— Nicolas Ducharme (@NicolasDucharme) April 8, 2019

I’ve just been sent a video from another angle of the fight. Hubert Poulin seemed indeed to have the view impaired by his sweater when he cleared his right which reached the line judge of the LNAH.

We have the feeling we won’t be seeing that referee stepping in to intervene in a fight anytime soon.

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